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198 West 21th Street

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8:00am - 9:00pm

Welcome to the NYC Pizza Restaurant

Experience New York Pizza served fresh out of the oven. We're a family run business established in 1961.

Our Services

All dishes are available for dine in, pick up and delivery.

Healthy Foods

We use selected healthy ingredients to guarantee the highest quality.

Fastest Delivery

Order via our website or app and your delivery will arrive in no time.

Original Recipes

We're proud of our family recipes. Often imitated, never duplicated.


Hot Pizza Meals

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NYC Pizza

Our signature dish. Select from the most popular options or go for your own toppings.

$12.90 Order

Greek Pizza

Always a nice alternative

$12.90 Order

Caucasian Pizza

Have you tried this one yet?

$12.90 Order

American Pizza

Another crowdpleaser

$12.90 Order

Tomato Pie

Our own creation

$12.90 Order


Plain does not mean less tasty

$12.90 Order

Our Menu Pricing

Value for money.

Italian Pizza


Mmmh, tasty

Hawaiian Pizza


The fruity option

Greek Pizza


Greek style for a change

Bacon Crispy Thins


So savory

Hawaiian Special


Fruity meets savory

Ultimate Overload


The big one

Bacon Pizza


Pork meets Pizza, crispy and delicious

Ham & Pineapple


Sweet and salty

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